LEGO MYSTERY Spot Event #2 [Disney]


$10.00 CAD 

****All names must now be posted of each buyer.****
Welcome to the 2nd Mystery Spot Event.
This event starts June 29, 2019
This mystery event winner will win the following: Disney series 1 minifigure set 
[18 minifigures in the set]
$10 cdn flat fee.
-12 spots available
4 rolls of the dice = "X"
- Name on the 9th posistition after random button pressed "X" times is the winner.
3 spots max per buyer please. 
The List 
7. John Romanowski 
-Shipping is free, No shipping fees. 
-Only for Canada and USA at this time. 
-No refunds, returns, or exchanges, all sales final. 
-Items will ship only once ALL spots are taken
-If you would like a specific number in the grid, you must add a note during checkout. If no number is added during checkout, a number will be assigned in numerical order starting at 1 and going forward to 12. 
-An archive with the winners name in the appropriate area for everyone to see. 
Once all 12 spots are sold then the spot will be shipped. No exceptions please.
This is the order of the process to better understand.
a. You buy 1-3 spots, you can also choose your numbers if available. 
b. Once all spots are filled a dice will be rolled times.
c. The amount shown on the dice* after rolls = X.
d. The "random" button is pressed X. times.  
e. The name shown in 9th  position will win. 
*  If a "1" is shown on final dice roll, dice must be rolled until 2 or higher is shown
If you do not specify a number during checkout, a number will be giving to you starting at 1, 2, so on and so forth.

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