Privacy Policy



We strive to insure all of our customers have a safe, fun and seamless place to purchase online.


Safe, Seamless and Secure

Online security is of the utmost importance to us, therefore we chose to have one of the best ecommerce companies on the globe help our clients feel secure. Many sites online are not encrypted properly, therefore, leaving many customers and site vulnerable to attacks. By choosing one of the top companies in the world to prevent account attacks, we feel much safer having the store now open online to the world. At this time we currently use Shopify's page for the checkout, where credit card or paypal payments can be made. 

We believe that the easier and safer an online transaction can be, the happier our customers will be at the end of the day. If our customers are not happy and do not trust us, we will not make it too far. We are here to sell plastic toy pieces. All credit card information is encrypted and not shared with us. Your information is only held between shopify and your credit card company. Shopify and gotminfigures are not associated and are not the same company. Shopify is an online company that provides ecommerce to millions of online stores.  Initially we had our own private system developed for inventory, credit cards, etc., but it was too vulnerable for this day in age. More of our last website and our transition to can be read further below on this page.



Accounts at this time are currently optional to all of our customers. In the future accounts will be beneficial because account holders will have random discounts applied where as normal customers will only see the normal price. In order to access all sales and promotions, you will need an account to visually see the discount and place orders with a discounted rate. This allows anyone in the world to immediately purchase an item with no account requirements. Loyal and returning customers, or even first time customers can benefit immediately by opening an account with us and utilizing shipping discounts, on sale items, point systems and promotions right away!

We do not want to force people to sign up for an account with us, so instead, we will offer rewards to the people who would like to sign up with us and get a free account to receive optional news letters about new sale items, promotions, etc. Again, the account is only an option but people who do sign up and help promote us on facebook and other social networks will be rewarded with deals that normal visitors here to not see or receive. 

Accounts with us are FREE. You do have to pay a penny to have an account with us to receive deals and promotions. We will never ask you for money regarding your account. No fees apply to your account now, tomorrow or next year. It is free forever. 

It is only beneficial for you to sign up for free, as only members of the site can receive deals, promotions and rewards. Normal visitors do not see what the sale is. Normal visitors can see a sale is there, but they cannot see any dollar figures or percentages regarding the items on sale or promotion. Sales also exist for normal customers too.


Private Information

All of clients are held confidentially by our shopping host (Shopify). employees will never ask clients for private information nor do we ask to provide your information to us. Payment problems are directly dealt with shopify as they are one of the leading shopping cart companies in the world who provide seamless transactions to millions of people around the world. The only information that is transmitted to gotminifigures is the buyers address of which MUST match the credit card provided at check out. No credit card numbers, 3 digit code, expiry date, will ever reach the gotminifigures database. No one at gotminifigures will ever request private information from you in any way. 

We at gotminifigures have absolutely no reason to ask for your private information. Address and shipping issues could be classified as private information, but as far as credit credit information, that is number one importance to us as it is a global problem. More information regarding your shipping address / name can be read below.


The Old Site

Our previous website was designed with the future consideration of implementing a safe and secure shopping cart. After many tests, our home made shopping cart proved to be too vulnerable to hackers around the world. This is crucial in this day of age where trust must be acquired through virtual companies. We at gotminifigures did not feel comfortable years ago with our own shopping cart system, so after exploring many routes and talking to many web designers and programers, we decided to use shopify to immediately allow customers world-wide to purchase live and safe. 

Our Creations!