Loyalty Rewards Program

- GOT Gold Coins. 


Information, Terms and Conditions. 

   This a new experience we trying to reward our loyal customers with. It is in a trial period for now and when it is not, we will remove this red script from this sentence.  The only immediate solution for rewards for our customers was a tiered rewards system. Basically the more you buy, the more you get back. The general ratio is for every one dollar canadian ($1.00) you spend, you get one GOT Gold Coin saved in your bank. The more you spend here in a lifetime, the more of a ratio you get back. For example for every one dollar a Gold Member spends they recieve three GGCs back. To get a better idea of the different tiers, scroll down. Please note that there is absolutely no membership fees here.  This is only a way to reward our loyal customers at different tiers. 


Bonuses and Exclusions

  We will get off to the bad news first and talk about bonuses next. Instead of excluding items completely from redemption, we wanted every item on the website available for points. What is the point of saving and the coolest things are excluded? So, yeah nothing will be excluded, just some things will cost double the points to purchase.  Thats the bad news. So an example would be any collectible minifigure product or item will cost 10% more using points rather all normal minifigures. Some minifigures because of their rarity will cost double the points for example. So everything here is available via purchase of points, just certain ones with some sort of stipulation and of course nothing excluded. Onto the good news now. Some minifigures, sets or actions such as sharing on Facebook for example will award you bonus GGCs. So buying the RCMP guy will net anyone 10% more GGCs. The higher the tier, the more rewards they reap in. Pretty simple. All the sets we created ourselves will reward our customers extra GGCs for buying them as an incentive to buy our products. 


Expiry Date

   The GOT Gold Coins (GGC for short) will expire after 465 days after your purchase. Yes, that is not a typo. That is 100 days over a year. This program is also in a trial period itself, so if our customers all together don't like the experience it provides, we will remove it. In a circumstance where we are going to remove the Reward Program then we will give ample warning to customers who are saving with lots of points.  Unless GGCs are awarded to you, the general expiry date is 465 days after your purchase as mentioned earlier. If GGCs are manually awarded to you they can be customized for any length of time, so 10 days or infinite. 


7-day Waiting Period

  To prevent fraudulent activity, we also activated a 7 day waiting period to redeem your GOT Gold Coins. That means we hold all coins for 7 days until the customer is allowed to redeem the GGCs. It is recommended by the programmer to have the seven day waiting period to prevent fraud so we are sticking with that plan as mentioned in the first sentence. In either circumstance we try to study the orders before they go out and have never been a victim although attacked a few times at gotminifigures. People have stolen credit cards all the time (well here once every 6 months to year so far) people try with a stolen CC. I don't get it. It shows us the information such as the Billing Address and Shipping Address, no further info. So when a Billing Address in Singapore used 4 different cards from around the world and nowhere near Singapore, we do not ship to them and flag them. Once we actually emailed them and asked what do you think your doing? They responded with "they are my clients cards and the Lego is for them". (Okay but all shipped to you, right). With the limited info we get from Shopify, we believe it is honourable to reward our loyal customers somehow, hopefully this is it! Thank you for understanding!



Please note that the shipping aspect has not yet fully been established with the Loyalty Rewards program, so for now we a trying to ship completely free orders with the following orders until we get this issue solved. Thanks for understanding.


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Basic Member Account 

Range: $0-$249cdn lifetime spent

$1.00cdn = earn 1 GOT Gold Coin 

50 GOT Gold Coins =  $1.00cdn

Threshold until next level = $250.00cdn



Silver Member Account

Range: $250-$2000cdn lifetime spent

$1.00cdn = earn 2 GOT Gold Coins

50 GOT Gold Coins =  $1.00cdn

Threshold until next level = $2000.00cdn



Gold Member Account

Range: $2001-$4000cdn lifetime spent

$1.00cdn = earn 3 GOT Gold Coins

50 GOT Gold Coins =  $1.00cdn

Threshold until next level = $4000.00cdn



Platinum Member Account

Range: $4001+cdn lifetime spent

$1.00cdn = earn 4 GOT Gold Coins

50 GOT Gold Coins =  $1.00cdn

This is the highest level.


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