gotminifigures Artwork

 All artwork, photos and graphics are all done by gotminifigures. We are slowly but surely starting to construct our own moc's to generate some pretty cool scenes that will be unique to only gotminifigures. Our intent with these mocs is to show the limitless creative power of bricks. To show what the possibilities are with the a child's toy.

The operator of is known as Tony Got. I take all the photographs of the items and do my best to show what I see, to you... Yes, I also perform all website tasks, graphics, website art, product pictures, inventory, shipping, receiving, messages regarding emails, deliveries, warehousing, social contacts, marketing, advertising, research and development. This is all done by one person. 

 Not only is it really fun to build anything that is LEGO related, I believe it is important to showcase all forms of mocs, statues, creations, ideas, etc. I have met two people in my time now that made a few pretty cool structures who till this day, still have not produced or allowed any photographs of their creations specifically to not allow anyone else to ever copy them. -Okay, sure. That is your creation or idea and to not publish it or allow photos is pretty ridiculous. I fully understand that these pieces take a lot of time to create so I can't knock them for keeping their private property - private.

 I am sure if you are this far into the website you are familiar with mocs. These clever little (or large) creations are a type of artwork on their own. People have taken many pics of scene specific mocs and furthermore have also created stories with this toy. Some are pretty darn cool just to look at and wonder "how long it took"?, "how many pieces it took"?... Or to get a new idea on how to fix your current invention or perhaps something that was ruined in the past and pieces are lost... The imagination is literally endless with this toy...




Our Creations!