Factory Sealed and Loose

We have only brand new parts, pieces and minifigures available. None of our items have been displayed, played with, or used. 


Factory Sealed: Factory sealed usually means that gotminifigures or anyone all the way from the production factory has never touched the item. This can always be interrupted by customs in any country. This is unavoidable and gotminifigures holds no responsibility of any customs cracking any seal on an item. Items that come from books, gear or other various places come in original clear plastic bags as shown below. Other possibilities are blister packs, battle packs and book/DVD packs. The particular pack below is a typical type of packaging you would find inside a Lego box. That example is from an advent calendar. That bag is how it arrives to you in and you have the choice of opening it and or assembling the minifigure. 

This pic below is an example of unassembled sealed plastic bag.  


Poly Sealed Bag: Poly or Plastic sealed bags are generally a little bit larger than a CD cae in size ranging from 3 pieces to 99+ pieces. Some collectors prefer their minifigure to remain sealed in the original poly bag. Attention that some minifigures arrive assembled in the poly bag from the factory. As seen of the picture of the Star Wars Chrome Stormtrooper below, this is always a possibility that somewhere down the line, someone may have already built your figure for you. 

This pic below is an example of pre-assembled from factory sealed polybag. 



Loose: Our definition of loose basically means the minifigure or part has been removed from the original item that sealed the product and now the item is loose. We immediately store all parts, pieces, minifigures into proper categorized bags for easy distribution of individual or multiple pieces. We open brand new boxes and open the part bag only to remove parts and immediately store them into a bagging system. 




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