Custom LEGO

We do not sell anything that is non-LEGO. Every piece and part we have in our inventory is brand new, branded LEGO parts. Each piece has the unique LEGO stamp, along with various other numbers in some cases.


Please be sure that when you are buying used, custom, or off-shore brands - that they meet requirements for children and adults, and that they are fully capable of handling and playing with these toys - as they were initially intended for. I have seen ads on ebay for cheap, off-shore toys that cannot be left in the sun, or exposed to water. Who knows what else has been applied to their plastic and paint chemicals. Yet these sellers are selling fakes for pennies now.  I feel it is dangerous it have toys for sale that cannot be exposed to sun or water - I wouldn't want my child or myself playing with these types of off-shore creations. Be aware!

Our Creations!