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@- FACEBOOK MESSAGE - For the quickest response time to an order request, click the link above which brings you to Facebook and from there you can send us message pertaining to your order. Please respect Facebook Messaging is generally reserved for customers that have issues with a current order. 


$ MAIL - We are currently located in British Columbia, Canada. Orders are usually shipped with Canada Post and sometimes orders, under certain circumstances, are shipped in the U.S.A., using USPS.  Please note that we are NOT open to the public. Our physical mailing address can be found at the bottom of the page. 


EMAIL - A new technology to some, but it sure is the wave of the future. If you would like the quickest response for general questions or information regarding an order, below are a few departments that can help with your inquiries. It is also key have the proper department to speed up your response time and have the correct people respond to your question. You will see an @ followed by the department. 


@ WEBSITE ORDERS - All questions pertaining to Orders Online should be contacted only via the following link please. All Shipping related inquires are also sent here. If you are having issues with an order, missing piece, broken item, damaged mail; please contact the Orders department at  (Our orders@ and help@ email addresses have all been forwarded to our payments@ email address as linked below. 


@ PAYMENTS - If you have a general question about the payment system, shopping cart, etc. Please contact Shopify. They are a large company that deals with millions of online stores, transactions and people just like you and I. Any payment that is regarding cash, paypal, or bitcoin. If it is regarding Paypal or Bitcoin directly, please contact them first as all payments are all processed through the mentioned large financial companies. If a question regarding payment must be sent directly to gotminifigures staff, please don't hesitate to contact or Payments department as we will be glad help!  



# TELEPHONE - Yes we use telephones, but we do not use them for contact with our customers. Only under certain circumstances will we give our number to the public. Otherwise, the simplest and fastest way to contact us is email. Please respect our privacy as we do not also give out any of our clients information as we respect your private lives also.  We try to keep the same rule in effect for ourselves. We are only an online company, with no storefront. Thanks for understanding. 


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