About gotminifigures.com

Thanks for visiting our website. We buy LEGO® minifigures from all over the world and make them available to you in one location, gotminifgures.com! We have a unique advantage as we have multiple purchasing points and receiving locations around the globe allowing us to acquire items that other vendors cannot obtain.

GOTMINIFIGURES is always locating new, exclusive, rare, hard to find LEGO® minifigures to help the world complete their collection or locate that minifig you have been trying to find. After all many minifigures are available only in certain countries, locations, stores, promotions. 


We only sell LEGO® brand minifigures and stay away from off shore, false brand products. Please note that we do have one style of clear, plastic display available that is not made by LEGO®. It is the only product we sell that is not a LEGO® brand product. We have no custom LEGO® items for sale on our site. We are also not affiliated with LEGO in any way. LEGO is trademarked under the LEGO Group. All LEGO Series and Names are developed and owned by LEGO. We ONLY sell LEGO pieces bought from everywhere but LEGO themselves. 


Our Story: After playing with Lego as a child, the dream did not stop there. We continued to grow our collection and eventually turned our favourite childhood toy into also a job, not just a toy. We developed a way to turn a hobby and passion into a small part-time business, then into, a small company. Perhaps the largest selection of minifigures in one place on the internet is available through our online store at gotminifigures and that was the goal when we started this site back in 2010. I knew how hard it was getting back then to obtain and collect some unique guys and it is only getting harder now a days. At the end of 2009 and when the series 1 minifigures started coming around, is when we started "stockpiling" super rare minifigures around the world.  We have over 65,000 LEGO® minifigures available IN STOCK. We are always replenishing our stock to make it easier to find those pieces you are looking for!

If you have any questions, comments or general inquires, feel free to check out our contact page and let us know what you think!




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