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Along with all of Legos major themes, space was initially released in 1978 featuring spaceships, robots, aliens and astronauts. One of the main core themes for Lego (City and Castle), Space has been running for well over 35 years. 

 Some factions included are Classic Space (1978-1987), Blacktron (1988-1989), Futron (1987-1990), Ice Planet 2002 (1993-1995, 1999), Unitron (1994-1995).

 Sub-themes that later were released are Exploriens, UFO, Roboforce, Insectoids, Rock Raiders, Life on Mars, Mars Mission, Space Police III, Space (city), Alien Conquest, Galaxy Squad. 

  All space related themes including for Alien Conquest and Space (city) can be found in the space category. The previously mentioned themes can also be found here in the Space sections but they also have separate areas in which they can be found. 

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