SERIES 3 #8803 LEGO® Minifigures (21 items)

Like its predecessors, the third series of minifigures showcases new or updated minifigure themes unlikely to appear in larger sets.

Each minifigure includes a black stand, some accessories, and a checklist- all wrapped in an opaque, lime-green polybag. The barcodes that allowed buyers to identify the contents of polybags in previous series' were removed, replaced with a system of bump codes along the package's lower edge. It was quickly noticed that the pattern of bumps could identify the contents; however, subsequent production batches turned out to feature different bump codes, rendering them unreliable. The distribution of minifigures within each box was also found to change from batch to batch, making it difficult to identify which minifigures, if any, are rarer than others.

The Elf emerged as the most popular minifigure in the series, as elves had never previously been represented in LEGO, while the Fishermanalso had a high initial demand due to its perceived rarity.

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