Rare and Hard to find minifigures. (33 items)

 We have changed the stipulations from the old format in which you find characters in this section or category. We have made this section more unique in the sense that only figures and sets with a low global availability or low seller count will be included in this section. For example, if a minifigure has 15,000 or less of a known global quantity, it will be included in this section. Even though 62 sellers may have it for sale, it is still rare minifigure due to the low global count. If also their are only 10 other vendors with a specific product, that will also classify the item as rare. Due to the fact that some minifigures initially were released with much more quantities, as time goes on, some of these minifigures become increasingly rare and sought after with little to no sellers providing them. Another example would be a certain minifigure initially had 100,000 released but now through all vending sites, only 4 are available. 

 As with other sections, please keep checking back often as new figures will be added upon discovery of their limited quantity and also if more become available, they will also be removed from this section because they're not "rare" anymore. 

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