Mystery Event (1 item)

How it works? You can buy one spot, two spots or three spots maximum. A grid of 5x5 is displayed and when you purchase you can choose a number between 1- 25 corresponding to a spot in the grid. If a grid spot is taken, you will have to choose another spot. If you do not specify a number during checkout, a number will be giving to you starting at 1, 2, so on and so forth.

Everyone is a winner! All 25 envelopes have a prize/minifigure related to the theme. One person, however, will be the winner of the specific "grand" prize listed in the event. 

Who is the winner? Everyone who purchases does get an item but their is only one grand prize winner. Once all spots are purchased, we will then roll a dice to determine how many times the "random" button is pressed for the randomization. Then we press "random" the same number of times as shown on the dice. The name that shows at the top will win the prize in the event. 

We will implement a live dice roll and random draw to see what number is chosen for the winner. (1-25). Then post a link to the live results in the item. 

How is it packed?  The winner will receive their item in a box while the others receive an envelope. 

Shipping is free for Canada and USA. The grand prize winner will receive tracking and insurance included. This information will be mailed to the winner once all spots are purchased. 

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