Minecraft minifigures and accessories. (50 items)

Here you can find Steve with all armour suits and various weapons and utensils. You can also find all his friends and foes such as sheep, creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies, cows, pigs, tnt blocks and more. In mid 2015 new minifigures will be released and added to this series.

The sets feature a group of four interlocking scenes that can be rearranged, with two having a removable surface with caves containing ores, underground rivers, and a minecart track, it also includes characters which can be moved around like normal lego.

Some time later, it was announced that another set would be made, which, unlike the other sets, will be the first set that will be at minifigure scale. The prototypes of Creepers, mine carts, and sheep are all being developed as part of a Co-Build Project announced after MineCon, a fan convention. They were released November-December 2014. - Wiki.

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