Castle Minfigures

  All Castle related factions and sub-themes can be found in this current category. 

  The Castle theme was first released in 1978 and continues on today with many different factions and sub-themes. The initial factions included Crusaders (1984-1992), Black Falcons (1984-1992), Forestmen (1987-1990), Black Knights (1988-1993), Wolfpack (1992-1993), Dragon Masters (1993-1995), Royal Knights (1995-1997), Dark Forest (1996), Fright Knights (1997-1998).

 The sub-themes that were later released after the initial factions were Ninjas (1998), Knights Kingdom (2000), Knights Kingdom II (2004-2006), Castle (2007-2009), Kingdoms (2010-2012), Castle (2013).

 Kingdoms replaces the ideas of a fantasy world filled with dwarves, trolls, etc. and goes back to the more classical or realistic world of Castle era. In Kingdoms, two separate factions aim at each other named the Lion Kings and Dragon Kingdom.  




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